Picture of the large barn.

House around early 1900's.

Reilly's Farm

A current picture of the farmhouse.

The picture shown above, of our farmhouse,  is from a 1976 Esquatak Historical Calander for the towns of Nassau and Schodack.   The picture was placed in the calander to portray what a typical area farmhouse of the late 1700's and early 1800's in the rensselaer county area looked like.  This is what the farmhouse looked like in it's early years.  .

The farmhouse that sits on the property dates back to late 1700 early 1800's.  It has changed hands only a handful of times.  It went from the Taber's to the Marvin's to the Eley's and now has been handed over to us, "The Reilly's". 

The  Christmas Trees were  originally planted in the early 1980's by Mr. Eley . The farm has  since continued to provide a wonderful and enchanting Christmas Experience for all.